Natural Gas Use Not Just for the Home

Pretty soon, it will be common for Birminghamians to use the same natural gas found in their home to fuel their car, decrease fuel emissions, and cut vehicle maintenance in half. Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are becoming more and more mainstream and the affect they are having on our environment and our dependency on foreign oil is definitely positive.

According to NGVAmerica, a national organization dedicated to the promotion of natural gas and hydrogen as transportation fuels, there are 120,000 NGVs on U.S. roads today. NGVs are powered by natural gas found in the United States. And what’s really cool is that an equivalent gallon of compressed natural gas (CNG) provides the same miles per gallon as regular gasoline.

Alagasco recently hosted a press conference to announce that they acquired four new natural gas Honda Civic GX Sedans in an effort to be a part of “effective solutions to help protect the environment.”

“Alagasco is the largest distributor of natural gas in Alabama and is working nationally and locally to promote domestically produced, clean-burning, energy-efficient natural gas as part of the solution to our nation’s energy challenges,” according to James McManus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Energen Corporation.

While most NGVs are purchased for use in fleets, there are a growing number of individuals who are buying the vehicles for personal use. The benefits of a natural gas vehicle is not just its environmental friendliness, but include perks such as tax credits for both the purchase of the vehicle and the home fueling station, decreased maintenance due to lower carbon, and of course the abundance and decreased cost of natural gas.
CNG can be distributed at home with a vehicle-refueling appliance such as a Phill by Fuelmaker. Due to the limited fueling stations available in Birmingham, a NGV owner would certainly need to make sure the car is fueled at home, as it can take several hours to transmit natural gas into the vehicle.
Here locally, there has been an increase in the use of natural gas vehicles as the Birmingham Transit Authority continues to grow its fleet. Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford has also committed to purchasing an NGV for the city and is considering the vehicles for fleet use.

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