Vallocycle Creates Town Map, Showcases Local Businesses & Sustainablity

In an ongoing community-wide effort to strengthen citizens’ and students’ connections to their local economy, the ValloCycle program has partnered with Tom Maxwell, Senior Environmental Planner with the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, to create and print a town map that showcases a diverse array of culture and sustainable initiatives in the Montevallo area. The new ValloCycle Town Map emphasizes recent community innovation.

n and revitalization by showcasing over 50 destinations unique to the area, highlighting independently-owned businesses and innovative “green” community projects. The map was completely researched, written, and designed by ValloCycle Board Members John Nicholson, Courtney Bennett, and Aaron Traywick, who are also University of Montevallo students and alumni.

ValloCycle’s map is designed to serve the needs of the entire Montevallo area. The map not only showcases artistic, commercial, and community-oriented destinations in downtown Montevallo, but also features sites of culture and sustainability in the Aldrich and Pea Ridge communities. Personalized descriptions of each listing, including business hours and unique features, are assembled in an appealing and easy-to-read format on the back of the map. The map provides a collection of local, independent shopping alternatives for all common household needs, and also publicizes unique community-oriented resources, such as Shelby Emergency Assistance, two urban community gardens, and the 2.5-mile nationally recognized Parks Trail greenway system.

ValloCycle’s primary goal in creating this free map is to promote Alabama’s first city-wide bike-sharing program, while providing citizens and visitors with a user-friendly tool that promotes public engagement with independent, community-oriented businesses and projects.

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