Curbside Recycle Bins Available for Birmingham City Residents

Just in time for Earth month, the City of Birmingham is now able to offer its residents an additional 15,000 new recycling bins along with the convenience of curbside recycling pickup. The new bins were made possible by a grant to the Jefferson County Department of Health and through the joint efforts of the City of Birmingham and the  Alabama Environmental Council. Residents who reside in a Birmingham home that has regular garbage pickup from the City of Birmingham Public Works Department, can request their recycling bin by calling 311 or 254-6314 during regular business hours. Simply provide a name, address and phone number, and a bin will be delivered to you within seven days.

To make it even easier, the new bins allow for co-mingled recycling, which means not having to sort recyclable materials-simply place all allowed items in one bin.

Recycling bins are picked up on Wednesdays and should be put out along side of household garbage bins before 7:00am.

What you can recycle: ALL types of plastic containers, aluminum cans, tin cans, all clean, dry paper (no tissues or paper towels), newspaper, magazines,  junk mail, cereal boxes, and corrugated cardboard. All cardboard boxes should be disassembled, and all recyclables need to be well rinsed prior to putting them in the bin.

No glass will be accepted through the curbside recycling pickup program, however, glass items can be taken to the Alabama Environmental Council’s drop off site, located on the corner of 24th Street and 2nd Avenue North.

The long awaited news comes with much relief to many residents, some of whom have been waiting as long as ten years to benefit from the City’s stagnant recycling program. Due to budget cuts and economic restraints, the City of Birmingham has been unable to provide new recycling bins, and it is estimated that only 5,500 of the more than 80,000 Birmingham residents currently have been able to take advantage of curbside recycling.

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