Free Electronics Recycling at Birmingham Recycles Day

Birmingham, Alabama The City of Birmingham Recycles Day will be held this year on Wednesday, October 24th, from 6a.m. – 2 p.m., on Short 20th Street at Linn Park. Birmingham Recycles Day Committee will host the event where residents can recycle electronic waste, yellow pages, ink & toner cartridges, and more. Co-hosts of the event are the City of Birmingham, Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission, and Alabama Environmental Council. Groups will also be available to teach about the Recycle Alabama campaign and other environmental initiatives in the Greater Birmingham area. This is free to the public and open to anyone in the Greater Birmingham Area.

 New Recycle bins will also be available to City of Birmingham residents. “We appreciate the Recycle Alabama campaign and the JCDH Environmental Committee for including the City in the ADEM grant, and providing 15,000 new recycling bins,” said Brenda Dent, Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission Coordinator. “If residents of the City of Birmingham receive trash pickup, they qualify for the City’s recycling program. This is a great day to recycle your electronics and commit to recycling more at home with this new recycle bin.”

“This is a great opportunity for folks to clean out their basements or storage areas of old TV’s and other electronics and keep them out of local landfills,” said Michael Churchman, Executive Director of the Alabama Environmental Council. “Every year, I am amazed at how this event grows with people continuing to bring their electronics. It is one of a limited chances to recycle TV’s for free and keeps toxic chemicals out of our landfills where they will one day foul our water system and more.”

Accepted Items for Recycles Day: Yellow Pages, Personal Computers, Televisions, Monitors, LCD TVs, Flat Screen Monitors, VCRs, Radios, Stereos, DVD players, Micro- waves, Power Supplies, Rechargeable Batteries, Vacuums, Banking Equipment, Telephones, Pagers, Networking Equipment, Laptops, Key- boards, Mice, Cables, Non-Hazardous Medical Equipment, Printers, Copy Machines, Servers, Hubs, Ink and Toner Cartridges, Remotes, Modems, Projectors, Cameras.

Unaccepted Items for Recycles Day: Refrigerators, Washers, Clothes Dryers, Dish Washers, Mercury Con- taining Devices (Thermometers, Fire Alarms), Hazardous Chemicals/ Materials, Light Bulbs, Florescent Bulbs, Bio Waste

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