AEC Creates Local Business Recycling Program

After receiving a grant in 2011 the Alabama Environmental Council was able to create the Recycle Alabama Business Recycling Program to assist local businesses and institutions with their paper recycling needs.

“We recognize that many small businesses, institutions, and non-profits would like to recycle their paper, but simply do not have the staff and resources to haul the paper to a recycling facility,” says Alan Gurganus, Recycling Director for Alabama Environmental Council.

Gurganus says the service aims to make recycling paper easy for area businesses by providing them with a pick-up service that works around their needs. “Recycling paper has never been easier. We no longer have to separate office paper from newspaper or junk mail and all paper products can now go into one bin. With paper products making up 41% of the municipal solid waste stream, it’s great to know that the recycling process has been simplified.”

Current Business Recycling Program partners include Birmingham City Hall, Bruce Office Supply, Goodwyn Mills & Cawood, Ocean, Satterfield’s, B&A Warehouse, Big Communications, and others.

For more information or to set-up your paper recycling service, contact the Alabama Environmental Council at (205)322-3126.

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