Celebrating Sustainability and Progress on the 2nd Anniversary of the April Storms In Pratt City

As residents of Pratt City prepare to mark the 2nd anniversary of the F5 tornado that hit their town on April 27th, they also look forward to celebrating the success of rebuilding their community. Innovative Home Builders (IHB), a local green contractor and builder, has worked to transform several destroyed lots into affordable housing properties that are both sustainably built, and energy efficient. Known as the Pratt City Project, these IHB homes are the first in Pratt City to be featured in the annual Parade of Homes.

On Saturday, April 27th, from 11am-2pm, in partnership with the City of Birmingham, IHB will host their 2nd Annual “Green Home Experience,” while also having their Pratt City homes featured as part of the 2013 Parade of Homes.

The Green Home Experience will offer exclusive tours of IHB homes located on Hibernian Street. Local agencies such as the Alabama Environmental Council and Birmingham WISE, will be on site to host recycling and residential energy efficiency workshops. The Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission will distribute free recycling bins to local residents as well. Visitors will also enjoy giveaways, complimentary food, and live entertainment.

Dirk Forbes, President of IHB is committed to seeing Pratt City become a green haven for local residents. Forbes explains that the ultimate goal of IHB is to integrate proven, cost-effective Green Building practices into local home construction efforts. In addition, IHB is also working to help stimulate the local economy and reduce unemployment by providing job opportunities to unemployed Pratt City laborers, and teaching them green building skills to last a lifetime.

The 1471 sq.ft LEED Certified homes built for the Pratt City Project use a variety of recycled building materials, and among the wide range of green amenities feature Energy Star rated appliances, tank-less water heaters, and high-efficiency air conditioning systems. Future Pratt City Project homeowners can also expect to benefit from savings related to energy-efficient windows and R-30 ceiling insulation, which is proven to significantly impact comfort and the costs associated with home heating and cooling.

“We are devoted to being amongst the first builders in the market with a full line of green products built in every home,” says Forbes.  “Our inspiration was to help restore and rebuild the homes and lives of people affected by the storm, while also helping Pratt City become a sustainable community,” Said Kenneth Johnson, Vice President of IHB. Important as this may be, Forbes and Johnson also explain another goal of Innovative Home Builders-to help ensure low income individuals have access to an equal share of economic and sustainable prosperity.

In addition to working hand and hand with the City of Birmingham, IHB has also established partnerships with a variety of local industry professionals to help ensure the project’s ultimate success. Through this collaboration, IHB has worked to create a highly experienced team, whose exchange of ideas and diverse specialized skills will provide the Pratt City Project with an exceptional range of expertise and abilities.

Established in 2009, Innovative Home Builders, LLC specializes in building green and energy efficient custom homes. With more than 15 years of building know-how, IHB aims to provide clients with an extraordinary green home building experience.

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