Yoga, Hooping, & More at 2nd Annual Sunset Namaste

Colorful yoga mats painted the pavement, drums beat to the rhythm of excited hearts, and hula-hoops swayed in undulating circles. On Sunday, June 30th, Sunset Namaste, Birmingham’s largest outdoor yoga event, transformed the otherwise quiet green space at Railroad Park into an energetic, yet harmonious scene.

Hosted by My Green Birmingham and Sweet Om Alabama, the 2nd annual summer event drew more than 200 participants who enjoyed various activities, in addition to yoga, from 4-8 p.m. With the beautiful backdrop of “Birmingham’s Living Room,” the promise of meditations, activities, and community fellowship attracted Birmingham yoga community and a host of other visitors to Railroad Park.

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Under the park’s pavilion, henna tattoos of intricate designs decorated the crowd, Get Rhythm Programs led a unique drum circle symphony, and Hoop Fitness Birmingham danced around teaching hula-hoop techniques and skills.

The event concluded with 108 moon salutations hosted by local yoga instructors, including Sweet Om Alabama,Villager Yoga and Birmingham Yoga.

The beautiful sunset over the railroad tracks brought the Sunset Namaste event to a close in the peaceful, relaxing heart of Birmingham.

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