UAH Officially Establishes New “Green Fund” for Energy Independence, Savings & More

Huntsville – The University of Alabama at Huntsville has established a new fund that could generate over a quarter of a million dollars for on-campus sustainability projects over the next five years. The official UAH “Green Fund” for student-designed and implemented projects for energy-independence, efficiency, renewables, recycling, and other environmental initiatives has been approved for implementation this Fall.

The UAH Student Government Association, the Chargers for Sustainability, and the UAH Green Club teamed up with the Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment to create a project proposal and research presentation to UAH campus administration. The proposal was authorized this past Tuesday by Vice President of Finance and Administration Ray Pinner.

The new “Green Fund” will debut in the upcoming Fall semester with initial pilot funding of $20,000. For the duration of that semester, the Chargers For Sustainability will work alongside students, faculty, and staff to create new project proposals that will support the expansion of the Fund for Spring 2014. Persons interested in partnering with the UAH Chargers For Sustainability on potential projects for Fall should contact Haley Hix at the contacts listed above.

UAH Student Government Association President Nandish Dayal had this to say about the new opportunities for student and campus leadership:

“By combining green technologies with sustainable efforts we can provide maximum savings to our University and its students. With this new Fund, UAH and its students have set themselves apart as leaders in sustainability in the state of Alabama, and by putting their backing behind the student-led Green Fund initiative, UAH administration continues its commitment to placing students first!”

The UAH initiative is inspired directly by recent student actions at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, where a successful student campaign created a new $1 million “Green Fund” this May. All student groups are working in conjunction with the Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment and CASE’s “Statewide Sustainable Investment Project”, which hopes to create additional Green Funds at UAB and Auburn University by January 2014.

The Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment (CASE) is a statewide network of student environmental leaders from multiple grassroots environmental organizations at eight college campuses across Alabama.

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