America Recycles Day Works to Amp Up Recycling Efforts

bag recyclingOn Friday, November 15th, join the recycling efforts of millions to help support America Recycles Day. Sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, this nationally recognized day is dedicated to increasing nationwide recycling efforts on a daily basis. Various programs and events through America Recycles Day work to educate people about how recycling also helps both the economy and the environment.

This year’s theme, “I Want to Be Recycled,” draws attention to the terrific impact simple recycling routines can make. Individuals and groups alike are encouraged to “Take the Pledge” to recycle more often. All entries qualify to win a park bench made from recycled plastic.

Across America, more than 220,000 communities participate in recycling efforts by providing recycling services to local residents. Thankfully, the City of Birmingham and surrounding areas are among those participating.

Plastics in particular are made using highly recyclable materials. However, each year Americans discard close to 34 million tons of plastic, and recycle only a small 6.5 percent of it (The Earth Institute). Although plastic can provide incredible modern day products and conveniences, using it on a regular basis and then disposing of it irresponsibly for hassle-free living, can lead to damaging environmental consequences and more.

One of the easiest plastic items to recycle nowadays are plastic bags, however, they’re also the one of the largest sources of litter and the primary component in landfills. Unfortunately, plastic bags are not typically accepted through most curbside recycling programs leading people to assume recycling options for plastic bags aren’t available.

A great solution does exist however, and is more convenient than most folks may actually think. A wide range of local grocery stores and other retailers now serve as drop-off locations for plastic bag recycling. Simply take along your plastic bag, film, and plastic wrap items to participating stores and recycle them before you shop.

Plastic Bag Recyclable Sheet

Participating Birmingham retailers include:

  • Lowes
  • Walmart
  • Publix
  • J.C. Penny
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target

As a great reminder, recycling protects our health and environment, conserves our natural resources, and reduces our reliance on landfills and incinerators. Any amount of effort to recycle makes a big difference!

About America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is a national program of Keep America Beautiful, and is the only nationally-recognized day and community-driven awareness event dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the U.S. Since its inception in 1997, communities across the country have participated in America Recycles Day on Nov. 15 to educate, promote environmental citizenship, and encourage action. To learn more, visit

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