Want Fresh, Local Foods? Shop from the Source

2014 localHere in Alabama, we’re fortunate to live in a region of the country where ideal farming conditions help generate an abundance of locally grown food. Yet, just because local food is out there, doesn’t always mean people know where to access it–let alone buy it to bring home for dinner.

Aside from growing your own, one of the easiest solutions is to simply shop local farmer’s markets. Thankfully, the Birmingham area is home to a growing number of them, all of which serve one main goal–to make eating local foods easy and affordable for everyone.

Every market is different, with each one offering different features such as live music, children’s activities, and even chef demonstrations. Shop around town at different locations and make it an outing for the whole family. Watch as your children ohh and ahh over fresh berries, plump eggplants, and samples of sweet, sticky honey.

Whether you’re downtown or in one of the surrounding communities, or need to pick up dinner ingredients on a Thursday afternoon, our Birmingham Farmer’s Market Guide is your go to resource to figure out which local markets meet your needs best.

Let this spring be the season you start enjoying the benefits of eating local foods. We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!

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