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Whether it’s the frigid nights of winter or the blazing hot days of summer, many of us are looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient to also help curb utility costs and create a more comfortable living environment. There are a number of affordable products and even apps to help you do just one thing to create a more eco-friendly home.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Cost: $249

Key features: The Nest learns your schedule and habits to program itself, and can be controlled from anywhere in the world! A correctly programmed thermostat can save up to 20 % on home heating and cooling bills. Nest activates custom energy savings based on the type of system in a home, and even sends reminders to change air filters. Users can track their Nest monthly through review of an energy report and make necessary changes to help streamline energy use even more. Downloading the Nest app allows users to program and get information about their Nest from a Smartphone or Tablet. All it takes is wi-fi and a free Nest account.

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Cost: $90

Key features: The Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat can help home heating and cooling systems run more efficiently and also create up to 33% energy savings. Exceptionally user-friendly, this system can be programmed to adjust temperatures up to four time periods throughout the day. With the option to customize air control, users can feel confident about saving energy when they’re away from home and maximizing comfort when they’re there. This Honeywell thermostat can send filter change reminders, has permanent day-and time backup, and can be battery-powered or hard-wired. Learn more about selecting a programmable thermostat at energy.gov.

Connected by TCP LED Wireless Light Bulb Kit with Gateway and Remote Control, a Home Smart Lighting System

Cost: $110

Key features: Allows users to adjust home lighting using your smart phone, tablet, or computer. One wi-fi gateway has capabilities to control up to 250 bulbs in one house. The complete system comes with LED bulbs, which are 80% more efficient that traditional light bulbs. The Connected by TCP light systems also allows users to set timers and turn lighting on or off from anywhere. In addition to greater energy savings through more responsible home lighting use, this system can also instantly light a darkened home, helping to reinforce security measures.

Find out how to save even more money by using Alabama Power’s free online energy tracking tool, “My Power Usage”.

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