2014 Holiday Gift Guide Features Experience Giving

The 2014 ​holiday season is finally upon us, and for many of us, so too is the stress over buying the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

That’s why our annual gift guide is taking a whole new approach to gift giving. This holiday season, we encourage taking on a new perspective and giving experiences instead of things.

This year’s gift guide is designed to help you reduce material waste as well as wasteful spending. It will offer a range of local experience giving ideas aimed to inspire adventure, joy, and healthful living. Our hope is that these experience giving ideas help you create vibrant opportunities for friends and loved ones to enjoy the many wonderful ways of living, right here in Birmingham.

See details about all of our 2014 Experience Giving Ideas:

1. Adopt An Animal at Birmingham Zoo

2. Adventure at Red Mountain Park 

3. Emile Maynor Living

4. Preserving Places that Matter with Freshwater Land Trust

5. Farmer for a Day at Stone Hollow Farmstead




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