Experience Giving: Preserving Places that Matter with Freshwater Land Trust

al landThis year, our Holiday Gift Guide is focused on giving experiences instead of things. Making a donation to the Freshwater Land Trust in honor of a friend or loved one is a terrific way to help ensure future generations will continue to benefit from enjoyable experiences in the places that matter all across Alabama.

Landowners can give just as significant of a gift this holiday season with a true legacy for future family members by placing a conservationist easement on their property. Doing so protects the con­ser­va­tion values of the property and can serve as a critical component in passing your land onto the next generation in the natural state in which you want it to remain.

 “Ensuring your land is conserved in its natural state can bring many benefits to you and your family, but perhaps the most gratifying is knowing that future gen­er­a­tions will cherish the land you protected.”

Learn more about how Freshwater Land Trust can help you honor your family’s land and protect and preserve your property for years to come.

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