5 Easy DIY Pallet Projects

The internet is buzzing with home improvement ideas, creative storage solutions, and DIY home decor that just about anyone can create. Luckily, this onset of DIY projects has led to more people using more upcycled, repurposed, and recycled craft materials.

Wooden pallets have become a popular staple for a wide range of DIY projects and have inspired tons of incredible ideas that reduce waste and help make a positive impact on the planet.

Get inspired with this list of 5 trending and easy DIY pallet projects. With the right tools and a boost of creativity, nearly anyone can build these while saving money and resources in the process.

1. Pallet Planter Boxes

Raised garden beds or planter boxes are great projects to make using wooden pallets. They’re especially useful for gardeners working with limited outdoor space or for apartment dwellers who still want to grow fresh vegetables at home.

Here in Birmingham, we’ve seen many of these DIY garden boxes popping up in outdoor spaces all throughout the Southside (and we’re guessing many landlords are thrilled with the beautiful landscaping at no cost to them!). If you have a sledgehammer, you should be able to complete this cost-efficient and eco-friendly project with ease.

See project details & instructions at: lifewithoutpeanutbutter.com

Easy DIY Pallet Projects

Riased Plnter Boxes made with wooden pallets. Credit: lifewithout peanutbutter.com

2. Pallet Daybed

This pallet project is so simple; you might kick yourself for not thinking of it first! This daybed was created using two standard pallets with caster wheels attached for mobility. You can opt to use an electric sander to speed up the wood finishing process, and for a more personalized look, paint the pallets with your choice of color.

It’s important to remember that many wooden pallets are pressure treated with chemicals and coatings that can be harmful to you, so when making your selection, be sure to grab untreated, uncoated pallets.

See project details & instructions at: ashleyannphotography.com/blog

Easy DIY Pallet Projects

DIY Pallet Daybed, Credit: ashleyannphotography.com

3. DIY Bike Rack

This pallet project requires using a few more tools, but the results are long-lasting and help create more efficient storage space for bike users.

This particular version is portable because of the hinges in the center, which helps make it practical for renters with limited or no bike parking. It’s also a great option for folks needing better bike storage in the garage or backyard. The folding feature means it’s great for mobile use, such as taking it along for biking and camping trips.

See project details & instructions at: thehaasmachine.com

Easy DIY Pallet Projects

DIY Pallet Bike Rack, Credit: thehaasmachine.com    

4. Shelf + Wine Glass Storage

There are many variations of this project online, but we love the double storage in this piece. This Etsy seller decided to cut the pallet down in size, while other crafters have created wine racks using the entire pallet. Some styles are even suspended from the kitchen ceiling with hook and chain.

This version is much smaller and requires less install effort, making it feasible for small homes and apartments and DIY beginners. If you want to skip the DIY and purchase an upcycled product, this one comes ready to order for just $35 + shipping!

Source: Etsy user OTCCustomWoodworks

Easy DIY Pallet Projects

Pallet Made Wine Rack Holder, Credit: OTCCustomWoodworks

5. Pallet Yard Tool Storage

This yard tool and hardware storage solution is the one of the easiest and least expensive DIY pallet projects on the list! All you need to make this storage stand is one wooden pallet and a crowbar.

Simply use the crowbar to remove a few of the wooden slats on the top and the bottom of one side of the pallet, leaving a few in the center for support. Because the shelf is slender and lightweight, it can easily be tucked away and moved around your space. If storing heavier, top heavy tools, the unit can also easily be attached to the wall of your garage or tool shed.

 See project details & instructions at: www.unexpectedelegance.com

Easy DIY Pallet Projects

Pallet Garage Storage, Credit: unexpectedelegance.com       

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