Red Mountain Park to Offer Guided Segway Tours

Red Mountain Park will soon offer a whole new way for visitors to enjoy touring the ever-evolving trails and park grounds. Beginning on July 2nd, the park will feature guided tours via new all-terrain Segways.

The experience will include riding across more than 4 miles of Red Mountain Park’s trails and historic railroad beds, as well as visiting old mining sites that include the historic #13 Mine portal and the Redding Hoist House. Tours are expected to last an approximate 55 minutes.

Along the way, Segway guides will share a few notable facts about the mountain that played such a vital role in Birmingham’s early history. There will also be plenty of time to just enjoy taking in the park’s natural surroundings and also for taking advantage of some great photo opportunities.

The park’s newest addition has been made possible by Schaeffer Eye Center. Tours cost $55 per person and are ideal for groups of 5 or less (ages 12 years and older). They also provide a great opportunity for outdoor adventure for guests with mobility, joint or endurance issues.

For more information, and to make Segway tour reservations at Red Mountain Park, visit

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