Want Great Craft Beer? Start with Clean Water Sources

Clean water is not only vital to human and environmental health, but it’s also critical to the growth and progress of local communities and their economies. For local businesses like Avondale Brewing Co., having access to fresh, clean water is a not only necessary, but it’s a key component in the overall success of their brewing process.

In recent years, more and more brewers, including Avondale Brewing Co., have joined efforts to help protect and preserve our nation’s water sources from contaminating pollutants.

“Water chemistry is really important when making beer,” explains Nate Darnell, a brewer with Avondale Brewing.

Aside from some basic filtration to eliminate unwanted particles, Darnell says Avondale Brewing doesn’t have to perform a whole lot of water manipulation to craft good healthy brewing water. In fact, much to their benefit, they’re able to source water directly from the tap.

avondale brewing

It’s no secret that Avondale Brewing is strongly committed to Birmingham’s community progress. They’re also just as committed to making sure they’re brewing processes are done using many key elements of sustainability-related practices.

As far as recycling efforts, Darnell says Avondale Brewing made the decision to package their craft beer using mostly cans because they’re easier to recycle here in Birmingham, where glass recycling is not as accessible.

“Another great thing is our having good relationships with farmers,” explains Darnell. “They’ll take our spent grains and feed them to their cattle or livestock.”

Avondale Brewing also continuously works to support the fundraising efforts of local environmentally related nonprofits, such as the Freshwater Land Trust (FWLT), a Birmingham-based nonprofit that aims to protect local waterways and conserve open spaces for recreational uses for the communities it serves. For several years, Avondale Brewing has provided the location for the annual Land Aid event, which is one of the largest fundraising efforts to benefit FWLT each year. The 2015 Land Aid is set to take place on Friday, July 31st at Avondale Brewing Co.

land aid 2015

Read more about this year’s LandAid event.

Hosted by the Fresh­wa­ter Land Trust junior board, a diverse group of young professionals committed to promoting the work of FWLT, this year’s Land Aid will be headlined by Kopecky, a Nashville-based, American indie-rock band.

The event will also feature two new specialty craft beers from Avondale Brewing created especially for this year’s Land Aid.

Working with the FWLT staff and volunteers, Avondale Brewing crafted the Freshwater Honeysuckle Saison, a pale to light brown beer blended with a tea created using locally sourced honeysuckle. The second beer is the Red Rock IPA, an American style pale ale, with hints of orange and piney hops combined with a good malt balance, explains Darnell.

“In addition to the great music that Land Aid promises to provide, this is the only time you can be guaranteed to experience these new brews,” said Meredith Drennen, President of the Fresh­wa­ter Land Trust junior board.

Beyond sidewalks and greenspace, many FWLT projects, which are funded in part by Land Aid, involve the very things most young people want to see in their community to make it a better place to live, work and play, says Drennon.

Though responsible regulations are in place to help limit pollution from reaching our water sources, our local communities are still highly dependent upon the protective efforts of organizations like the FWLT and businesses like Avondale Brewing Co. Through a combination of smart strategies and continual community involvement, clean water can not only exist for all but can lead to both thriving businesses and communities.

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