3 Tips for Greening Your Dog’s World

In honor of National Dog Day, we’ve put together a few ideas for creating a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for your favorite four-legged friend.


Healthier Pet Food = Healthier Fido

When it comes to feeding our families we do our best to choose healthy, all natural ingredients, so why not choose the same when it comes to feeding our pets? Give your dogs a better diet by swapping out the low-grade pet food (a.k.a. junk food) for dog food that consists of natural, whole, and organic ingredients.

Most conventional dog food products are made with ingredients that would otherwise be unfit for human consumption. Although these products might sustain your pooch, they also often include pesticides, hormones, and artificial preservatives and ingredients — all of which do nothing to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Feeding your dog all natural foods that contain nutrients and vitamins, and have been preserved with natural substances can help prevent illness and disease, while also aiding your pet’s physical longevity and increasing his lifespan.

Look for dog food that has been minimally processed, created in humane conditions, and produced with sustainability in mind. The pups here at My Green Birmingham highly suggest Holistic Select and Blue Buffalo foods, both of which offer foods that contain natural ingredients like fruits & veggies, healthy proteins, whole grains and omega fatty acids. They also provide grain free products for dogs with digestive issues. Both can be purchased locally at one of several Hollywood Feed pet stores.

Chew On This: Sustainable Pet Toys

Make sure your dog’s toys reflect your value for a greener lifestyle too. Instead of wasting tons of money on toys your dog will probably shred in just a few days, opt for more durable products made with stronger materials such as hemp. Honest Pet Products make a great hemp toy called Eco-Fetchin Stick.

hemp stick toy

Other options include toys made from nontoxic substances, such as Zogoflex, a tough rubber-like material designed to be recycled. We also love KONG Extreme Dog Toy products, especially ones that can be filled with all natural peanut butter or other healthy treats to help keep dogs happy and preoccupied while on their own.


Reducing Your Furry Friend’s Carbon Paw Print

When out for a walk, keep your pet on a leash to help protect the surrounding natural environment. This can also prevent possible harm to smaller animals who might be nearby in their own natural habitat.

squirrel watching

Using biodegradable bags to clean up your pet’s waste is also a great way to reduce unnecessary garbage. This is an easy way to prevent pet waste from becoming immortalized six feet under the ground in the local landfill.

Find more ideas by checking out our Quick Tips: Green Pets.

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