Top 5 Environmental Apps

As we become more and more dependent on instant access to handheld technology, we expect more from the mobile apps we use each day. Check out our top 5 favorite environmental apps for great resources for green living tips, shopping guides, scientific insight and much more. Each of these apps are available on both apple and android phones and are free for download.

top environmental apps

Earth Now

The Earth Now app gives you incredible images of climate change data from NASA’s Earth satellites. Enjoy visuals on a 3-D model of Earth that can be rotated for a complete view of our world’s vital stats. Users can choose from extensive maps including sea level, ozone, and carbon dioxide.


Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science helps you gain access to the latest scientific information science about global warming, helping you to formulate a better understanding of our world’s environmental issues. This app is especially useful when engaging in conversation with skeptics who do not believe climate change is a real problem.

Skeptical Science


We’ve all had days where we’ve reached into the mailbox only to find a pile of junk mail. PaperKarma makes it easy to get rid of unwanted mail, by simply taking photos of the mail you want to stop. The sender is identified and PaperKarma automatically contacts the mailer and removes you from their distribution list.


EWG Skin Deep 

Cosmetics are unregulated and commonly made from chemicals that have not undergone thorough testing. Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is the world’s largest safety reference tool for personal care products. This app offers safety ratings for more than 72,000 personal care products, 2,500 brands, and 9,000ingredients. Simply enter the name of a product or scan its barcode.


Dirty Dozen

Another APP from Environmental Working Group, the Dirty Dozen app offers several great lists that help consumers identify and avoid the most pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables. Gain instant access to the dirty dozen, a list of produce with the highest pesticide residues, and to the clean fifteen list, which identifies produce with the lowest pesticide levels.   

dirty dozen screenshot


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