Goat Busters Returns to Red Mountain Park to Help Eradicate Invasive Plants

As part of its Forest Restoration Program, Red Mountain Park has once again enlisted Goat Busters (Goodling Enterprises, LLC) to bring 200 goats to the property for the purpose of long-term management of invasive vegetation.

The animals will help to eradicate invasive plants on a rotational basis, opening up the entire 1500 acre property for visitor enjoyment and setting the stage for native ecosystem repair. The herd is protected by flexible electronic fencing and guard dogs that were raised with the goats from birth.

Read about the success of the first visit of Goat Busters to Red Mountain Park last year

Goat Busters is a company located in Afton, Virginia and has managed clearing jobs for vineyards, private backyards, and along country club golf courses, as well as pasture improvement and general weed eradication.  www.vagoatbusters.com.

The goats will temporarily be stationed beside the Redding Hoist House, located one mile within the Park’s trail system.


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