Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Make Greener Choices at Work When Your Company Doesn’t

For many people, contributing recycling efforts or any other greener practices at work may have more to do with office policy than it does with independent choice or motivation. If you’re hoping to break away from out of date rituals at work and ready to start making your own difference, try incorporating a few of these ideas into your plan.

Experts recommend looking at the big picture first and then breaking it down by identifying the greatest areas of concern. This helps limit the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all and gives you a better shot at a more solid direction. This may be excessive energy consumption, or zero recycling — paper or otherwise. Once you determine a starting point, work to maintain your efforts every day with the same plan of action, like setting a reminder on your phone to power off your computer at the end of the day.

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Photo credit: thetuesdaypost.com

Reduce your own paper waste by taking notes on your laptop or iPad instead. When paper use is necessary, but recycling isn’t even an option at work, consider keeping a small box under your desk to serve as your own temporary recycling bin. At the end of each week, empty the box at a nearby recycling center or take it home to toss its contents into your own curbside recycling bin.

Encouraging co-workers to join your efforts is another way to create even greater change. Hold each other accountable by recording your results and later on, share them with your boss to help inspire even more change at a higher level in the company.

Remember to not be too hard on yourself in the beginning — habits take time to achieve and don’t become routine overnight. Being mindful and intentional with your goals are key to your success and will eventually help you to attain the results you set out to create. 

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