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Rebecca Davis is no stranger to the daily challenges of being a busy mom. In the daily chaos of hectic schedules and a demanding workload, it’s often easier to search out quick fixes for life’s daily messes. Davis, the owner of Mrs. Clean Green, understands how tempting it is to choose the easiest and fastest way to manage household cleaning and chores, in fact, for many years, she did just that herself.

Yet, rotating through all of the drugstore cleaning supplies, bleaches, and other chemicals that claim to be the most effective solution, left Davis wondering about the negative and long-lasting affects those harmful shortcuts were having on her health and on our planet.

That all changed, however, when Davis decided to leave her full-time job and devote herself to creating a more eco-conscious living environment. It was just after the birth of her youngest son when she had the unwavering feeling that something drastic needed to change the lifestyle of her growing family. The decision to switch to all natural cleaning products had been on her mind for years, but now, she finally had the time and resources to make the change happen.


“At that time, I ‘retired’ from my 18-year paralegal career, and began to rethink life and the way we had been living it,” Davis said. “I have always been health-conscious and made sure my children were as well.  We exercised together as a family, took long walks together, and, in general, tried to live healthily. But because I was a working mom, some things fell through the cracks.”

Davis began making changes to her family’s routine and encouraged her children to embrace a healthier, more natural lifestyle as well. She started the process by changing the ways she shopped for and prepared food, then she began eliminating as many toxic chemicals as possible from their home environment. It wasn’t long before Davis realized that all-natural cleaning solutions available, not to mention their premium prices, didn’t fit her needs. She decided to take things into her own hands–literally and began making her own cleaning and laundry products at home.

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Health concerns were at the top of her list when deciding to change her family’s lifestyle. David had discovered that the reactions resulting from her youngest son’s skin allergies were caused by name-brand dryer sheets and commercial laundry detergents. By making her own products, she could ensure that every ingredient was safe for her children.

“Cleaning house was something that I did with products like bleach and ammonia, as I had been raised to do,” she said. “They were fast and effective, and I was not aware that the smells I associated with ‘clean’ were, in fact, toxic chemicals off-gassing into our living environment.”

Davis quickly saw the great benefits of her efforts and also the potential value of her products to other mothers and homeowners. In addition to being safe for her children and animals, her natural cleaning products reduce environmental impact from harmful fumes and plastic waste.


All products from Mrs. Clean Green are packaged in HDPE plastic bottles and containers, a highly recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Because the ingredients and solutions are natural, there are fewer messy films and oily residues from chemicals left behind.

From basic soaps and laundry detergent, Davis has gone on to develop a variety of products, including furniture polish, produce wash, and even dog shampoo. Made with ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and essential oils, customers can feel confident that Mrs. Clean Green products are safe and effective.

Mrs. Clean Green also offers home cleaning packages, where she primarily uses her own cleaning products. She does this to demonstrate that her products are truly effective and to ensure a natural clean with no quick chemical fixes.

“Occasionally we have a client who will request a certain kind of commercial ‘green’ product that they have used and like, and we will substitute those products if they meet our general criteria,” Davis said.

“However, commercial products are difficult to gauge, because the federal government does not require a complete listing of all ingredients on the labels. So, we will substitute when absolutely required, but we keep trying to educate our customers to the safety of Mrs. Clean Green’s products, and we urge them to reconsider their brand loyalty.”

Mrs. Clean Green is a sponsor of this year’s Green Home Giveaway, presented by Alabama Power.

Stop by the Pepper Place market on Saturdays to purchase your own Mrs.Clean Green products. For more information about products and home cleaning packages, visit or Mrs. Clean Green on Facebook.

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