New AL Solar Program, Mission: Net Zero, Aims to Make Solar Installation More Affordable

A new Alabama solar program, Mission: Net Zero, has been created to help drive down solar costs and increase solar installations. Recently launched in Huntsville, Mission: Net Zero is administered by the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy and its partner Solar Site Design.

The program works to pair solar originators, (those who add projects to the marketplace) with solar fulfillment companies (those who can build the installations). Southern Solar Systems and Lightwave Solar are the first companies to join the program.

“Economics drove us to create this program. Solar on rural small businesses right here in North Alabama can see paybacks between two and four years,” says Daniel Tait, CEO of the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy. “People and businesses need to know the possibilities. This is real.”

This partnership allows non-traditional solar companies to enter the market in a low-cost, low-risk way and provides traditional solar companies with a more consistent sales engine built on trusted relationships.

“The next few years will be revolutionary for solar energy across the Southeast United States,” said Jason Loyet, Solar Site Design founder.

“Demand is increasing, public policy is becoming more supportive and carbon-based fossil fuels are being regulated more and more as the public calls for cleaner energy solutions. At the same time, solar equipment costs are continuing their historic decreases. And that’s where Solar Site Design comes in, to reduce what remains the most challenging portion of the cost structure in the solar equation – soft costs and customer acquisition. We have teamed with the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy to activate the next generation of solar originators and referral agents.”

Companies or individuals who are interested in becoming solar originators or exploring the economics of solar at their home or business can learn more at:

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