Meet this Year’s Green Home Giveaway Finalists (and Vote for your Favorite!)

My Green Birmingham’s sixth annual Green Home Giveaway, presented by Alabama Power, is well under way. With three finalists already selected, it’s now in the hands of the public to choose this year’s winning home.

The Green Home Giveaway provides the lucky homeowner with an incredible makeover experience that will transform their home environment into a greener, more energy-efficient, and healthier living space.

Your vote could make all the difference in selecting this year’s winner. To vote, simply visit the My Green Birmingham Facebook page and click on the tab labeled Vote for the Green Home Giveaway Winner!  

Meet our Three Finalists:

THE MOODY HOME, 5th Ave South, Birmingham

Year Built: 1920

Moody home1

Why they want to win the Green Home Giveaway:

As new parents committed to improving their baby’s quality of life, the Moody’s want to ensure their daughter is raised in a clean, healthy, and eco-friendly home environment.

Greatest Challenge:

The temperature in their baby’s nursery is not consistent with the rest of the home, making the room much colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Living in a home built nearly 100 years ago, the Moody’s say their home could greatly benefit from new insulation and other upgrades to improve overall energy efficiency.

THE CARPENTER HOME, Woodbine Drive, Birmingham

Year Built: 1983

carpenter home1

Why they want to win the Green Home Giveaway:

The Carpenters are already working hard to align their home and daily habits with their passion for living sustainably. Using cloth diapers and driving a hybrid vehicle are just a few of the ways this young family strives to make a difference. However, a strong commitment to the environment and support for community progress leaves them eager to do more than they’re able.

Greatest Challenge:

Despite a keen interest and understanding about the benefits of making eco-friendly purchases for the home, the Carpenters’ financial limitations often leave them having to choose less sustainable, cost effective options.

THE CUMMINS HOME, 6th Court South, Birmingham

Year Built: 1926

Cummins Home1

Why they want to win the Green Home Giveaway:

Living in this 90 year old home in Avondale, the Cummins realize their home’s inefficiencies and necessary repairs are likely beginning to outnumber the many wonderful stories about the home passed on to them by previous homeowners. A green home makeover would be the perfect 90th birthday present to help breath life into this drafty old home to ensure it stays efficient and sustainable for generations of homeowners to come.

Greatest Challenge:

In February of 2001, the house was damaged by falling trees from damaging winds that came through the neighborhood. Since then, the roof has been rebuilt, and the aluminum siding was replaced with vinyl siding. However, the home is still in need of various upgrades to improve overall energy efficiency. This includes the original windows and oak floors over diagonal wood planks, both of which are very drafty.

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