DIY Upcycled Snowflake Ornament

Making this snowflake ornament is a fun and easy craft to do on your own or with the family. The best part about it, is that they’re made using cardboard toilet paper rolls — a great way to upcycle something you likely already have in the house.

Follow these simple 4 step instructions to make your own snowflake ornament.

1. Gather your supplies

  • cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • scissors
  • glitter or paint
  • glue (or glue gun)
  • ribbon


2. Cut cardboard rings


3. Decorate the edges.


Dip edges of cardboard rings into glue and then into the glitter. Lay flat to dry. (You can also paint the sides of the cardboard with your choice of color instead of using glitter.


4. Glue the points together & tie on ribbon

You can also layer additional rings on top of the 5 point snowflake.



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