Sustainable and Healthy Holiday Housewarming Gifts

In all the rush of the holidays, it’s still nice to take a few moments to show gratitude to our hosts and hostesses when visiting the homes of family and friends. These sustainable and healthy housewarming gifts are easy and affordable and serve as great tokens of appreciation.

ScentSicles no flame candles

These ScentSicles are eco-friendly “table ornaments” that look like a real candle, but instead they don’t have a flame and are filled with eco-friendly ScentSicles inside – so you never have to light it.  They also make autosticks to put in your car to carry the fragrance of the holidays with you wherever you go.  They come in a variety of scents such as fir, cinnamon, and spruce.

The Fresh Market


The Fresh Market carries a great selection of organic, fair-trade wine, and fresh cut flowers and plants. Organic plants make a great gift and  aren’t grown using  harmful pesticides.  Fresh cut flowers also make a great housewarming gift. Choose from floral like roses, mums and Hydrangeas.  Finally, The Fresh Market has a great selection of organic and fair-trade wines such as The Ventura Reserve Wine line, which is an organic, fair-trade, and estate grown.  The Fresh Market has 2 locations in Birmingham for great last minute housewarming gifts.

Copper Pot Kitchen olive oil

copper pot

This line of olive oil is based in Birmingham and makes the perfect healthy housewarming gift for the foodie or anyone who enjoys cooking with olive oil – fresh, natural ingredients.  They also have a two year shelf life. Chef and founder Ashley Tarver has some amazing recipes on the Copper Pot Kitchen web site as well.

Uncorked glassware


Recycled sprite bottle drinking glasses from UnCorked Glass are another great way to show gratitude to your host or hostess. These size glasses are also perfect for children or everyday juice glasses.  They are made from recycled Sprite bottles!

Organic Pet treats


Don’t forget your family or friend’s favorite pet during the holidays. Pick up some organic and all natural pet treats to help make their pet feel extra special during the holidays as well.

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