Top 5 Ways to Naturally Combat Allergy Symptoms

1. Herbal Tea


Several kinds of herbal teas are considered natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory remedies. Peppermint, stinging nettles, and ginger are just a few herbal teas that are considered allergy fighting and have been known to help treat allergy related symptoms such as sneezing, congestion and itchy eyes.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help to reduce the typical increase of mucous production that’s common during allergy season. Take a spoonful of organic, raw apple cider vinegar a few times a day to greatly decrease the annoyance of a runny nose.

3. Parsley


Parsley has long been known for its anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidant benefits. Rich in vitamins C and A, parsley can help strengthen the respiratory health , function of mucous membranes, and the overall immune system. Use this blended juice recipe to get your fill of parsley each day.

1 head/2 cups continental flat-leaf parsley

1 medium cucumber

1 – 2 medium lemons, peeled

1 green apple

1 tsp Raw, local honey

4. Local honey

City Bee Co HoneyPure

Just one teaspoonful of raw, locally produced honey taken once a day, is another great way to combat seasonal allergies. Using local honey is the most important part, as it helps your body adapt better to the pollen found in your specific environment as well as other airborne, local allergens.

5 Hot, spicy foods


Although some people have an aversion to hot, spicy foods, eating certain things such as cayenne, chili peppers, or even sriracha or hot mustard can have great benefits in reducing allergy related symptoms. They can help clear out sinuses and thin out the body’s mucous membranes, helping you to breath better.

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