Tips for Natural Lawn Care


One of the greatest ways to naturally care for your lawn is to avoid using any kinds of chemicals. This is especially true when it comes to killing weeds. Keep your lawn free of weeds and  other debris by first giving it a routine raking. Gently remove remaining weeds without too much digging as loosening the soil too much can actually cause weeds to spread their seeds and germinate, making even more weeds!

Natural weed killer

If the weed situation is too out of control for you to remove them all by digging, try this easy to use weed killer by combining just a few ingredients you likely already have on hand and spraying them directly on the weed itself.

1 Spray bottle

½ cup liquid dish soap

Gallon of white vinegar

¼ cup of salt

Skip the weekly watering

Save water and money by cutting way back on watering your lawn, especially in the summer months. Even the healthiest grass tends to brown a bit and go dormant in the high temperatures of summer. Accept that this is the plant’s natural cycle.


If it’s evident that the soil is too compacted to be healthy, you can aerate or loosen it with anything from a push spike aerator to a pitch fork. The fall is usually the best time of year to do it.

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