3 Tips to Stay Cool and Reduce Your Home Energy Bill

The typical high temps of summer in Alabama have finally set in, and it’s hot — really hot. As the temps keep climbing, chances are that so too are your home cooling costs. Take some pressure off your home’s AC unit with these tips from some of Birmingham’s top energy experts.

1.) Make your AC a fan of the fan

Running a ceiling fan in tandem with the air conditioning can actually help reduce a home’s energy costs. During the hot summer months, make sure to change the direction of the fan blades so they rotate counterclockwise (just switch the fan off and then back on). This will help force the airflow downward creating a “wind chill” effect, says Michael Sznajderman of Alabama Power.

2.) Redirect airflow to the most common living spaces

Closing individual air vents in unused rooms of the home help minimize the overall amount of air-conditioned space, says Jonathan Handey, certified building analyst and owner of Eco-Three energy experts.

3.) Avoid using optional appliances

Other home energy guzzlers like clothes dryers and dishwashers are capable of producing a lot of heat. Using appliances like these in the middle of day can push an air conditioner into overload, especially when it’s already working at max capacity to help cool the warm air. “On hot days, wait to use your dryer or dishwasher until evening time,” Sznajderman said.

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