5 Easy Upcycled Projects to Try at Home

Carve out some time to make the best of left-over items commonly found at home. These quick and easy upcycled projects will give new life to old things.

Market Bag

Sew in Love Pillowcase bag

Credit: sewinlove.com.au

This is a great way to upcycle a pillowcase, with minimal sewing required. Begin by ironing the pillowcase and laying it flat. Fold it in half lengthwise and draw a curve for the handle in the middle and cut along the drawn line.

Follow the remaining few steps by reading the whole tutorial here.

Cutting Board Tray

cutting board

Credit: sadieseasongoods.com

Create a one of a kind serving tray using an old wooden cutting board. Remove any existing stains by first washing it really well and then sanding it down to remove any nicks or scratches. Give it a good coat of stain followed by a sealant, and then simply attach metal handles to each side.   

See the whole tutorial here.

Concealed Key Storage

concealed key holder

Credit: thriftyfun.com

Although it’s tempting to place your spare house key under the front door mat, it’s a better idea to keep it somewhere a little less obvious. This project is a great way to upcycle a plastic pill bottle into an unexpected secret key holder. Start by finding a medium sized rock. Simply glue the rock to the cap of the pill bottle using some epoxy glue and then let it dry. Place your key inside of the plastic bottle, screw on the cap, and either place your concealed container between some other rocks or dig a small hole for it to fit snugly into the ground, leaving the rock on the surface.

See the whole tutorial here.

Recycled Denim Basket

diy denim basket

Credit: ohohblog.com

It’s the worst feeling when you can’t donate clothing because of stains or rips in the fabric. Instead of tossing those old jeans with holes in the knees into the trash, get some scissors and cut them into strips to create an easy upcycled denim basket.

See the whole tutorial here.

Milk Jug Garden Scoop

DIY scoop

Credit: Naver.com

This is one of the easiest ways to upcycle a gallon-sized plastic milk jug. Start by using a marker to draw the shape of your scoop around the jug’s handle. Use a heavy duty pair of scissors to cut it out, and there you have it, the perfect sized scoop for transferring soil from the bag into pots, fertilizer into gardens, and much more.   

See the whole tutorial here.

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