Local Electric Vehicle Owners Find Happiness at Their Plug, Not the Pump

The following is reprinted with permission from the Alabama NewsCenter

Blair Farley wanted an electric car so much that she moved into a house so she could plug it in. Paul Franks wants his car to stay as up to date as his smartphone.

The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition discovered that these two Birmingham-area residents are a part of a growing trend in Alabama and across the nation – people who are shunning the gasoline pumps, taking advantage of a discount on their electric bills by driving electric vehicles and praising the use of clean alternative fuels.


“Gas prices are inching up again, as they always do,” said Mark Bentley, Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition executive director, “and people all across our state are finding ways to save money and help keep our air cleaner. Blair and Paul have unique views on electric vehicles based on their own experiences. The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition is the place to turn if you want to know more about great alternative energy vehicles.

“In the past, the high cost of electric vehicle batteries was a hindrance in EV sales,” Bentley said. “Since 2009, battery costs have fallen 71 percent and the cumulative sales of plug-in vehicles has risen to in excess of 450,000 nationwide. In Alabama, all EV sales – hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric – have risen 13.7 percent since 2013 with pure battery electrics such as Tesla and Leaf model sales increasing 55.6 percent.

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