Scholarships Available for Fresh Air Family Nature Camps

Fresh Air Family is hosting several outdoor camps for kids this summer that aim to spark a greater appreciation and understanding of our natural surroundings and also to help kids learn valuable life skills. Scholarships still remain for the July 11-15 and July 18-22 sessions.

Fresh Air Family’s Prepared, Not Scared Camp teaches survival in the outer and inner world. Scholarships are provided by Sheriff Mike Hale for the Trussville session, July 11-15 and for the new Ruffner Mountain session, July 18-22. Camp serves rising 4th-6th graders and camp runs from 9am-5pm, with before and after care available. $150 Fresh Air Family members, $175 non-members.

During the camp, Trussville campers will spend the day beside the Cahaba River, honing some fishing and other skills. All campers will track the legendary beast, Bigfoot. To find a sasquatch or any other animal, the kids will have to learn to identify calls and tracks, read a map, forage for food and water, along with other survival and safety skills. Campers will build debris shelters, start fires from scratch, learn the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, search for crawdads and other edibles, discuss how to spot potential predators and deal with bullying. A gun safety program teaches – don’t touch it, always assume it is loaded and never point at anyone.

For more information about the Fresh Air Family summer camps and to apply for scholarships, visit!prepared-not-scared/c13oc.

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