About KBBC

The mission of the Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission (KBBC) is to effect positive change in attitude and behavior regarding naturalKBBC1 conservation, littering, recycling and beautification.

The KBBC works to serve the citizens of Birmingham by developing and implementing effective public education and community involvement programs which enhance the quality of life in beautification and environmental concerns.

Formerly the Birmingham Beautification Board, the Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission (KBBC) is a local affiliate of the national organization, Keep America Beautiful. KBBC is a division of the Public Works Department of the City of Birmingham and is supported by several local and national sponsors.

In addition to a variety of community events, KBBC also provides clean-up supplies, including garbage bags, bottled water, litter sticks, safety vests, and gloves. Flower and vegetable seeds are also available.

The Commission is composed of 18 members representing the business and government community, the Birmingham school system, local religious institutions, and local media. Brenda Dent-Russell, a Senior Administrative Analyst with the city of Birmingham, serves as the Executive Director. Dent-Russell is also the Recycling Coordinator for Birmingham.

KBBC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. at Birmingham City Hall, on the third floor in Conference Room A.

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Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission (KBBC)
4721 Avenue W
Birmingham, AL 35208
(205) 205-787-5222 or 781-0598
(205)780-4130 FAX




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