Landscape Design

Blackjack Horticulture, Inc.

Blackjack Horticulture is a full service landscape company offering a variety of landscape installation & construction, landscape maintenance, and floriculture services, both residential and commercial.  … Continue reading

Urbanscapes Residential Renewal

UrbanScapes is a licensed home builder and landscaping company that has extensive experience in designing and building residential and commercial. We specialize in urban and … Continue reading


Arnold Rutkis Arnold Rutkis is a Sculptor and Landscape Designer. He has been working in the Birmingham area for over 12 years, incorporating stone … Continue reading

J3 Organics, LLC Producer of vermicompost (worm poop) designed to improve soil texture while building deeper, stronger root systems, encouraging greener, healthier growth of all plants and … Continue reading

Interiorscapes, Inc.

Interiorscapes began in 1978 as a full service interior plant design and maintenance company.  Our very talented staff provides expert consultation, design, installation and maintenance … Continue reading