Quick Tips / Cheers! Organic Wine? We Say Yes!

WineCheers!  Here’s a tip for choosing your next bottle of wine

The buzzword with wines these days seems to be organic. Rumor even has it that there’s no hangover if you buy organic. Perhaps. But there’s more to it than how you feel the next day.  “When you put the label ‘organic’ on something, it’s likely to sell,” says wine enthusiast Christy Farr. “But sustainability is the thing that really matters.” So what’s the difference? “A wine may be organic, but it’s not necessarily sustainable,” says Farr. “Sustainability integrates the whole growing culture.”

Organic may reduce environmental impact on some of the growing process—meaning the growers may cut down, but not eliminate, the use of some pesticides. Sustainable growers are purists—there are no pesticides at all.



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