Quick Tips / DIY Sustainable Dog Bedding

There are lots of great ways to create a more sustainable living environment for your pet, including the bedding they sleep and rest upon every day.

dog bed DIYAvoid purchasing a new pet bed in the first place — they’re usually pricey anyhow, and tend to be made with cheap, low-grade fabric and fillers that easily fall apart over a short amount of time.

Instead make your own pet bedding by giving new life to some household materials you probably already have on hand. Making a re-purposed pet bed can be done in little time, and only requires minimal sewing skills.

To create the outer case of the bed simply find  two old bath towels, lay one over the other, and after aligning them, sew the towels together, leaving about a six-inch hole for stuffing.

Turn the case inside out so that the stitching is on the inside, and stuff with whatever soft materials you have available, such as old pillows, socks, or blankets. Presto, you now have a fabulous re-purposed pet bed!

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