Quick Tips / Cold Water Washing

laundry 5 Go for cold-water washes to conserve energy and cash. Except in cases of gross-out dirtiness, cold water can often be just as effective as hot water,   keeping your clothes (and you) looking great! You don’t even need a cold-water detergent – really…just ignore the commercials.

· Around 80%-90% of the energy typically used by a washer goes to heating the water.

· In a year, each household that washes with only cold water keeps 1,281 pounds of CO2 from entering the air.

· Washing in cold water keeps your clothes looking newer, longer than hot water washing.

· If 10,000 Birmingham households switch to cold, in a year we’ll avert the CO2 equivalent that 6,405 trees suck up over their lifetimes.


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