Quick Tips / Healthier Pet Food = Healthier Fido

healthy dogWhen it comes to feeding our families we do our best to choose healthy, all natural ingredients, so why not choose the same when it comes to feeding our pets? Make the switch by swapping out the low-grade pet food (junk food) for pet food that consists of natural and organic ingredients. Most conventional pet foods come from contents that are otherwise unfit for human consumption. Although these products might sustain your pooch, they also tend to include pesticides, hormones, and artificial preservatives and ingredients-all of which do nothing to promote and healthy lifestyle. Feeding your pet all natural foods that contain nutrients and vitamins, and have been preserved with natural substances help deter illness and disease, while also increasing Fido’s longevity.  Also, look for an all natural and organic pet food that has been minimally processed, created within humane conditions, and produced with sustainability in mind. Recommended: Blue Buffalo.

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