Quick Tips / I Want To Recycle… Where Do I Go?

recycle_al_lgWe know, we know… recycling in the City and surrounding areas is not a robust amenity. Curb-side pick up is not a given for all residents, so many of us have to cart our recyclables to the nearest center. “But where is it?” That’s the question we get from a lot of our followers, and we are so glad the Alabama Environmental Council hooked us up with the answer!

The AEC recently added a search database for you to locate places to recycle a variety of materials and items. Simply select the item(s) you plan to recycle and plug in your zip code, and voila! You are off to the nearest location to your home to get your recycle on.

Don’t forget the AEC Recycling Center is a wonderful resource in the heart of downtown Birmingham to take your recyclables.

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