Quick Tips / Lemon, the All Natural Super Cleanser

howtogreencleanersWhile a wide selection of all natural cleaning products are lining more supermarket shelves then ever before, you might be impressed to find one of the most natural cleaners right in your refrigerator. Lemons have long been known for their fresh scent, but most people are unaware that their high acid content makes them a powerful antibacterial cleaning agent. Here are some great ways to use lemon while cleaning:

  • Clean and sanitize your microwave by heating a combination of several thin slices of lemon and 1 cup of water in a microwave safe bowl for about one minute. Any lingering bacteria will be killed by the citric acid’s antibacterial properties. Additionally, the fresh lemon scent will help rid your microwave of any lingering odors.
  • Rid your shower or tub of soap scum by spraying their walls with pure lemon juice. The citric acid will help break down the tough soap scum, and work to sanitize the overall environment.
  • Watch the dirt and grime on your windows quickly dissolve like never before when you apply a mixture of four tablespoons of lemon juice and a half-gallon of water.

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