Quick Tips / Paper Towel Let Down

snap_towelsGoing green goes out the door when it comes to American’s consumption of paper goods like paper towels and napkins. You can’t reuse them and recycling used towels and napkins is rare. According to figures from the EPA on municipal solid waste, we send about 6.8 billion pounds of disposable tissue products to landfills annually – tissue, paper towels, napkins, etc. – wads and wads of them, and less than o.5 percent of them get recycled.

So what do you do? Try cloth dish towels and rags. Definitely say no to paper when drying hands, wiping counters, drying dishes, etc. Turn your fam and friends onto cloth napkins. A throw back to days gone by, but a perk for the future for sure.

When you do have to grab the paper stuff, be sure to purchase recycled and chlorine free products. Get smart though – just because the label says “recycled” doesn’t always mean what it says. It could mean it’s made from leftovers from virgin paper runs, not post consumer recycled paper. Post consumer good, virgin paper bad.

Our paper product recommendations: Seventh Generation and Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Paper Towels.

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