Quick Tips / Remove Tough Laundry Stains Naturally

line_laundryFor a more natural approach to stain removal for clothing, keep your laundry room stocked with some simple, non-toxic household products.

  • Cornstarch or baking soda can be applied to grease stains, gasoline, and even foods such as salsa, to help quickly absorb stain and odors.
  • Lemon juice or white vinegar work as natural bleaching agents and can be added to a wash cycle to help brighten whites.
  • To remove dark colored stains such as ink or chocolate, soak the clothing in a bowel of glycerin for 30 minutes.
  • Mild dishwashing liquid can also be used as an all-purpose stain remover, apply a small amount directly to a stain and gently rub, or mix into with water and use for soaking stained items.

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