Quick Tips / Say no to take-out extras

plastic spponsSay no to take-out extras.

In the land of the drive-thru, carryout, and delivery it’s easy to forget you’re a greenie when trying to eat between appointments or needing a quick fix for dinner idea desperation.

On a recent trip to a local fast food restaurant in Birmingham, the MGB.com crew assessed the extras of carryout dining. For two grilled chicken salad orders, we received plastic silverware (fork, knife, spoon, and salt and pepper packets), a super-sized plastic bag, way too many napkins, a flier advertising restaurant specials, and a menu – all waste that we didn’t need.

Try specifying in your order that you only need your food and none of the additional fanfare. When you can, place your order inside and take in one of your reusable totes to carryout your order. If taking your food home, be sure to also say no to plastic silverware and condiments and use your own.

Show those fast-foodies what being a greenie is all about!


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