Quick Tips / Shower Less, Save More

low flow shower headQuick Tip:
Give up the Hollywood showers – 20 minutes in the shower equals wasted gallons of water. Decrease your shower time and install some water saving gadgets to conserve more.

Install a low-flow showerhead to save 15 to 25 gallons of water per day (depending on the number of people showering in your home). You will also save on energy and hot water bills if your hot water tank is well insulated and the proper size for your home.

You can even go one green step further, by also installing low-flow toilets and aerators in all your faucets. You can find all theses supplies at any local home improvement store.

In case you didn’t know: “aerators restrict the flow of water, compressing it into a higher-pressure discharge than regular faucets. They also introduce air bubbles into the water, making it feel like there is a larger water flow. They reduce water flow by about 50 percent or more.”www.energyhawk.com


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