Quick Tips / The Vanishing Pet: Reducing Your Furry Friend’s Carbon Paw Print

dogWhen out for a walk, keep your pet on a leash to help protect the surrounding natural environment. This can also prevent possible harm to smaller animals who might be nearby in their own natural habitat. Additionally, using biodegradable bags to clean up your pet’s waste will help prevent it from becoming immortalized six feet under in the local landfill.

If you want to take it one step further however, try composting your dog or cat’s waste. Not every one has a yard that can accommodate this process, but doing so can help protect our waterways from being contaminated by run off containing pet waste.

To better green your feline’s zone, begin by nixing the clay-based kitty litter, which takes several decades to decompose. Produced by strip-mining, clay-based kitty litter is created through a process that causes irreversible damage to the environment. Reduce your cat’s carbon paw print by switching to biodegradable brand of litter, or consider making your own. This can be done by mixing a ¼ cup of baking soda into a litter box filled with shredded newspaper or chicken scratch (a combination of ground corn and seeds). Adding cedar chips will provide a fresh scent, but is completely optional. Scoop and dispose the litter as you normally would, or compost it to create a great fertilizer for trees and shrubs.

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