Quick Tips / Turn the Dryer Off & Get Back to Basics

line_laundryYes, we know this may seem like a throwback, but instead of running your clothes dryer, consider drying your clothes on a drying rack or even a clothesline. It can be as simple as tying a sturdy rope between two trees!

There’s no disputing it — most dryers use 10-15 percent of domestic energy in the United States.  However, you can reduce  your electric bill by as much as $25 a month by simply skipping the drying and instead, opting for hang drying methods.

Line drying the open air of a backyard is typically the best choice, yet for those who live in a neighborhood with association covenants, there’s always the option to use a dryer rack instead.

There are many great options available, including those available at laundrylist.org or one of our favorites, this cool Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack from Household Essentials!

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